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Wood fired Hot Tub Essentials

  • The Hot tub is fully portable, as long as you have a door way sized space for us to bring it to your home. Send us a quick WhatsApp video from the place we will arrive to your intended placement of the hot tub, and we will see if we can make magic happen.
  • No smoking of cigarettes is allowed when inside the Hot Tub.
  • No Electrical appliances or cables near the hot Tub.
  • Please take care with kids around the hot tub chimney as it gets very hot.
  • A hose pipe must be available to fill the Hot Tube and be able to reach the desired setup location.
  • The hot tub cannot be moved once filled with water.
  • Please drain the hot Tub before we come to collect (if the water is cool it’s great for your garden). Once all water has been drained, we will do the rest.
  • Do not start fire before the stove is submerged by water
  • Do not drain the tub with hot coals or fire in the stove.
  • Our Hot Tubs get sanitised after each use with medical grade sanitiser.
  • The Hot Tub needs about 30min to fill and at least 1-1.5hrs to heat up from the start of the fire.

frequently asked questions

Do not start fire before the stove is submerged by water
Do not drain the tub with hot coals or fire in the stove.
  1. Fill the tub with water, until the level is above the chimney.
  2. Place the pool cover on the water surface, ensuring faster heating.
  3. Light a piece of fire starter at the bottom of the stove, directly under the lid.
  4. Stack some dry, chopped wood on top of the fire starter and place your larger pieces of wood on top of this.
  5. Place the lid back on, leaving the air intake open.
  6. Add some more chopped, dry wood and stoke the fire every 15-20minutes.
  7. For better results, the water can be stirred after every stoking.
  8. Heating usually take 1hr 45min. Once desired temperature is reached, remove the cover.
  9. Close the air intake to choke the fire.
  10. Your hot tub is now ready, step in and enjoy.
  11. Add a couple of logs an hour (don’t add to much, you just want to maintain the heat now).

Please ensure you let us know the date and time you would like to use the Hot Tub if its for an event.

  1. Weekly rentals dropped on Monday afternoons and collected Monday mornings,
  2. Midweeks rentals dropped on Monday afternoons, and collected Thursdays late morning,
  3. Weekend rental dropped Thursday afternoon and collected Monday late morning.
  • Send us a quick WhatsApp video from the place we will arrive to your intended placement of the hot tub and we will see if we can make magic happen.
  • Choose a level outside location.
  • Use your garden hose, connected to your water supply, to then fill your hot tub up with water.
  • Once filled with water you can start the fire -1 bag of wood and a fire starter will be provided per rental. Make sure to keep the bubble cover on so it heats up quicker. Additional bags of wood can be requested. Once the water is warm the fire doesn’t need a lot of fire wood, it just needs to keep a low constant burn.
  • When you have finished using the hot tub, simply connect the hose adaptor (supplied) to the bottom of the hot tub, connect your hose to the adaptor and place the other end to a suitable draining area and start drainage.
  • Once all water has been drained, we will come in and do the rest.

1-1.5hrs to heat up after the fire has started and about 2hrs from when the fire has been extinguished.

Important: The following conditions will lead to slow water heating

  • An ambient temperature lower than 10°C.
  • An outdoor wind speed above 3.5-5.4m/s (8-12mph).
  • If the spa cover is not properly in place when the heater is on.

It should take about 30 minutes to fill the hot tub with your garden hose water supply, depending on hose size and water pressure.

Having the hot tub outside allows you to soak up the sun in style, as well as experience being in hot tub during the cold winter nights when you won’t notice the cold around you thanks to your core body temperature being heated by the warm water.

All you need is a flat area and no roof overhead.

All depends on how long you use it and with which wood. 1 bag of wood and starters will be provided.

Hygiene is number one

At woodfired tubs we prioritize hygiene above all else. Our hot tub rentals are meticulously sanitized after each use using medical-grade products to ensure a thoroughly clean and safe experience for every customer.

Your well-being is our top concern, and we go above and beyond to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness in all our rentals.

about us

Its like a holiday in your own home

We are a family run business so we understand what making lasting family memories means. We rent out wood fired hot tubs which you can enjoy with your family or friends from your own home.

Whether you want to enjoy it with your family, have a memorable party or you manage an Airbnb and want your place to stand out with the option of a hot tub, give us a call. Nothing like spending time outdoors even amidst the winter chill.

Its like a holiday in your own home.


Daily: R1450 – Drop in the morning – collect the following morning

Mid-week 3 days: R1550 – Monday afternoon till Thursday morning

Weekend 3 days: R1800 – Friday afternoon till Monday morning

Weekly 7 days: R3000 – Friday afternoon to Friday morning


Hot Tub Wood

Weekend/midweek wood bundle: R400

Weekly wood bundle: R800

Extra bags of wood: R100/bag

Firelighters 12pc: R35

Firelighters 55pc: R135


1 bag of Wood and 1 fire starter kit come free

Delivery is free within 15km of Hout Bay, Cape Town, A toll charge will be added for for deliverreis to the Deep South .

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